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Jun 04, 2008  · If you buy a car for yourself then you will have to insure it – there is no qay of avoiding this legally. Look in Parker’s guide for a car with a low insurance group – probably 10 years old or so. The cheapest legal way is this. NB you must be very careful and tell the truth to the insurer. 1) decide on the car.

How much would car insurance be for a 17 year old. How much would car insurance be for a 17 year old. possibly as a named driver? thanks." Changing car.

Sep 02, 2012  · Car Insurance for 17year old boys Originally Posted by trudi w(4) When my daughter was a learner driver I took ou the insurance in.

The 10 cheapest cars for young drivers to insure. list to find out what is the cheapest car to insure as a young driver. 1. was named Best City Car in.

Jun 09, 2012  · My eldest will be 17 later this year and already the talk is turning to driving lessons/cars etc. Unfortunately the insurance for a first driver is astronomical so I was just wondering if anyone else had been through the same and if they could recommend an insurance company or broker that specialises in young drivers. Ta.

Coming from a 19 year old… I passed a month or so after I was 18, insured since May and think it’s about 900 as an additional driver on my parents insurance with no claims protected (£800 + £100 ncp). From my experience id say you may be just as well off spending or putting some of the £400 from the insurance towards driving lessons instead.

Ways to get the least expensive insurance to get a 17-year old? Does anyone recognize any guidelines that will reduce my insurance? I looked at costs of insurance to get a 1L peugeot 107, which price around 2000. My partner looked at charges for himself and also the costs were around 1500 to get a 5000 Vauxhall Corsa. Any help is valued.

If you are a named driver (e.g. on your parent’s policy) we will reduce our additional driver charge by 50% subject to a maximum reduction of €400. Save up to €400! If you arrange your own car insurance with AXA, we will give you discount of up to €400 off your learner permit premium (minimum premium €327).

Sep 02, 2011  · Car Insurance for 17 year old ?. have you tried a company that specialises in classic car insurance. is with KGM, fully comp, with my son as named driver.

How to get cheaper car insurance in the UK - New and Younger Driver TipsYes, 17 year old car insurance is going to cost you. Remember, like all insurance, automobile coverage for your teenager is about assessing risk based probability.

Car insurance cover for young drivers in Northern Ireland. Students click here to see if you could save money on your car insurance with AXA NI Car insurance cover for young drivers in Northern Ireland.

Compare Car Insurance State Farm Switching State Farm Agents: You have 3 options to let your old agent know you are leaving and start with a new agent. Get the details now. Use as quotes comparison tool to see your quotes online from multiple top carriers for free. Evaluate car insurance rates and buy a policy online or. State

Car Insurance for a 17-Year-Old. For a 17-year-old, car insurance is going. The insights below will help you save money when your 17-year-old gets a driver’s.

Looking for cheap car insurance for 17 year. cheaper car insurance for 17 year olds. Named driver:. vs standard car insurance policy for a 17-year-old main.

How much would car insurance for a 17 year old driver? for a used hatch back that costs around 500 ANSWER: I recommend you to visit this web page

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